Interaction Design Principles of Augmented Reality focusing on the Ageing Population


Augmented Reality is becoming a mature and robust technology, which combines virtual information with the real environment and real-time performance. Research priorities have shifted from tackling hardware and software issues toward the design of AR effectiveness and usefulness. With the growing ageing population, evidence shows potential trends for AR systems to support the elderly, including transport, home activities, entertainment and training. However, there is a lack of research to provide frameworks to support designers when developing AR applications for specific populations – in this case the ageing population. In this workshop, we intend to explore AR design principles in this challenging and relevant area.

Despite the relative success and acceptance of AR technology and ‘solutions’ the value of a framework to support design is important in establishing core factors that underpin AR, and in doing so helps explore the space of alternative and innovative solutions.

Globally, the ageing population is growing rapidly and presenting new challenges for society. The impairments of age, include: mental and physical deterioration, memory loss, and sensory degradation; these in turn impact upon health, mobility and quality of life. AR and related technologies have a high potential to address these challenges. Conference participants should be interested in how the needs of this significant population can be effectively addressed through productive and informed design processes.

The workshop aims to bring together experts in the fields of ageing, health and AR design and development. The proposed workshop is timely because it addresses the current crisis in meeting the needs the ageing population. This is a significant real world challenge for technology design and development. The workshop will provide a foundation for developers to identify approaches towards effective user engagement, innovation and design for this vulnerable group.

Outline Schedule
10.00 ***  An exploration of design principles supporting AR conceptual design applied to the ageing population ***
13.00 Lunch break
14.30 *** Follow-on discussions ***
16.00 Close